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Mon, Jun 17, 2024
6th annual Department of Economics and Finance Pro-Am Shamble
You are cordially invited to participate in the 6th annual Department of Economics and Finance Pro-Am Shamble. The event is structured as follows:  Two business professionals pair up with two promising econ/finance students and compete for the coveted trophy of pride.  This prestigious event was intended to allow our students the opportunity to meet, play golf with, and maybe even learn something from the most prominent business professionals in the region.  Intentions and reality sometimes part ways so please join us anyway. For those of you not familiar with the 4-person Shamble format, it is explained below:  A shamble is a type of golf tournament that combines elements of a scramble with elements of stroke play. Like in a scramble, all members of a team (usually four) tee off and the best ball of the four tee shots is selected. All players move their balls to the spot of the best ball. From this point, the hole is played out at stroke play, with all members of the team playing their own ball into the hole.  So: select the best shot off the tee, move all balls to that spot, then play individual stroke play until each member of the group has holed out. Scoring is determined as follows: 5 points for an Eagle, 3 points for a Birdie, 2 points for a Par and 1 point for a Bogey or worse. All 4 team members score count.  So the minimum team score on a hole is 4 points (all four members made bogey or worse on the hole) and the maximum team score on a hole is 20 (all four members made eagle on the hole).  For those of you that need an example: one member of the team hits a perfect tee shot down the middle of the fairway and the other three shank their drives into the trees.  Quickly find and pick up the 3 balls from the trees and place them in the middle of the fairway at the spot of the best tee shot.  From this point, all four players will play their own ball.  (Bogey is the worst score you can record, so in an effort to speed up play, politely tell your partner to pick up their ball if they have hacked it around a few times and are still laying 5 in the sand trap).   If your team had 1 birdie, 2 pars and 1 bogey on the hole, then the team score is 8 for that hole. The par 3’s are played the same way as every other hole.  All 4 members tee off and if 3 tee shots go in the water and 1 tee shot lands 4 feet from the hole, then all four team members are playing their second shot 4 feet from the hole and all four team members must putt from that spot.  The team with the highest total points wins.
Location: Bent Creek Golf Course
Price: $5
Sponsor: Department of Economics and Finance
Contact: Ben Dow
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