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Wed, May 29, 2024
Spring 2011 Athenaeum Series: Women and the Crusades: An Imagined Pilgrimage
Women and the Crusades: An Imagined Pilgrimage presented by Dr. Kathryne Bebee, Department of History To honor and celebrate the accomplishments of women throughout the ages, Southeast Missouri State University will host several events and presentations through March, Women’s History Month, and the beginning of April. The series of events, “Many Places, Many Voices:  Women Across the Globe,” was planned by the Women’s History Month Committee from the Southeast Department of History and kicks off at noon on March 2 with an Athenaeum Series presentation in Kent Library.  Dr. Kathryne Beebe will present a multimedia concert, “An Imagined Pilgrimage,” which recreates the 15th-century Dominican Friar Felix Fabri’s two pilgrimages to Jerusalem.  Nuns of Medingen and Medlingen, confined to their convents, used his written accounts, “Sionpilger,” with added prayers and hymns to create their own virtual pilgrimage through their imaginations in 1492 and 1495.  In 2009, Beebe, along with Jonathan Williams, an award-winning conductor and founder of the all-female vocal ensemble, Consort Iridiana, combined images, selections of Fabri’s text, and contemporary medieval music mentioned in the Sionpilger to create a visual journey similar to that of the nuns for a modern audience.
Location: Sadie's Place, Kent Library
Price: Free and open to the public
Sponsor: Kent Library
Contact: Kent Library
(573) 651-2230
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