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Wed, May 22, 2024
Church Basement Ladies 2: A Second Helping!
(Fine Arts)

This is the sequel to the 2000 hit play Church Basement Ladies, a project dedicated to those stalwart women of the church who volunteer to work in the church kitchen -- those under-appreciated ladies who cook and arrange the food and coffee for weddings, youth gatherings and pot luck suppers -- our mothers, grandmothers, aunts and moms. These are women-in-charge; women we all know and love.

In this latest version of the ongoing story, the year is 1969, the world is changing, and the ladies of the Lutheran church basement kitchen are dealing with changes of their own. With their heartwarming humor and hilarious antics, Church Basement Ladies 2: A Second Helping! takes us from serving the high school students at the Lutheran League Banquet to a church sponsored Missionary Night and the rise and fall of a Viking's Super Bowl Sunday. From the elderly matriarch of the kitchen to the young mom-to-be, these women find strength in each other as they deal with the joys and upheavals from below the "House of God!"

Location: Donald C. Bedell Performance Hall, River Campus
Price: Ticket prices vary
Sponsor: Holland School of Visual and Performing Arts
Contact: River Campus Box Office
(573) 651-2265
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