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Fun fact: The stone that covers the front, east and west sides of the building was quarried from the area behind Houck Stadium. Since this stone was rather expensive, Southeast officials at the time decided to cover the building’s "backside" with red brick. They assumed that the campus would never extend to the north, past the building site, and the red brick would be hidden from common view. Today, both the Art building and Carnahan Hall are essentially positioned in the center of campus and are still the only campus buildings with finished red brick.
History: The building opened in 1904 and is a near replica of Carnahan Hall. The rectangular neo-classical design was created by architect J.B. Legg. Two small towers with bell casters were added in alignment with the roof crest for a more dramatic effect.

Foreign Languages Building

940 Academic Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
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